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ESG manifesto

Brasil TecPar believes that in addition to operating in the market, there is no better way to show its commitment to the world and to you than encouraging actions that really make a difference.


Therefore, we are increasingly engaged in ESG practices - This means that our positioning is based on facilitating people's access to technology, so that they can develop socially through essential services in the era of digital transformation. In this way, we promote a better future, with the accessibility and education necessary for everyone to feel that they belong to the community in which they are inserted. 


In addition, our ESG aims to actively contribute to environmental preservation, with initiatives such as the Solar Power Plants, which reduce around 270 tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. Also the Green IT Program, an initiative that promotes the proper disposal of solid waste and electronic waste,  which are extremely harmful to nature. 


Nothing represents more the ideals that Brasil TecPar wants to transmit than this. Here technology and care for the planet go hand in hand, here we respect differences, here we promote the professional growth of our employees and we have people who think about people. 


Our commitment is to a more sustainable future and we are close for you to go far. With more quality of life, more opportunities, more connection and more awareness about what really matters. This is ESG. 

Brazil TecPar- Nearby, so you can go far!

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