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There are more than 45 million people looking for a fiber optic connection and to meet this demand, Brasil TecPar strengthens regional providers and makes them conquer the market.

our markets

In Brazil, approximately 130 million people are currently connected, with around 40% browsing the internet via fiber optics.


Closer to customers, closer to our goals.

These are our market relationship brands.

Marcas de Mercado


With over 25 years of experience, AMIGO Internet has 84 service units and delivers connectivity to approximately 273 cities.


Ávato provides complete IT infrastructure and connectivity solutions for companies of all sizes, Governments and ISPs.


Bereit Engenharia works from business planning to the execution of network, telecommunication and IT infrastructure projects.

Operation throughout Brazil

With units in 7 states.

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Mapa de Atuação


relationship units


cities with transmission network


Municipalities with viability


intercity optical network

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