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The Company's mission goes beyond bringing quality Internet to the population. The services provided also have the purpose of improving the lives of the communities in which it operates. It is an investment in the community and for the community.

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2022 Sustainability Report

What is ESG?

The acronym ESG is related to the good practices that corporations develop, both in the corporate environment and in communities.


Each letter supports a fundamental pillar for success in socio-environmental and governance actions



It is directly related to actions that promote environmental conservation. Appropriate waste management with community involvement, the generation and consumption of energy from renewable sources, the protection of green areas and the rational use of water resources are some of our commitments.

Our ESG Policies

Inclusion and Diversity policy

Supply chain ESG policy

ESG Risk Management policy

Private Social Investment policy


Grupo Brasil TecPar and its market companies have a list of projects that aim to improve the lives of the communities where it operates.

Check out the main actions we carry out, by segment.


We reduce our environmental impact by recycling our cables, equipment and other materials and those from the communities where we operate and by reusing them in our operations, eliminating waste and encouraging proper use. We also defend the proper use of our fleet, encouraging solidarity and using less polluting vehicles with clear reduction targets.

ESG = ambiental


Our commitment is to promote a healthy, inclusive and plural environment that offers equal opportunities to all professionals who work here and also to those who come to make up the organizational structure, from the communities where we operate or from other ventures.


We believe in policies and behaviors that promote gender equality, that respect differences and that promote diversity throughout the organizational structure through debates, support groups, training and promotion opportunities.

ESG = social


Once again we stand out by receiving the certificate for the second consecutive yearGPTW(Great Place to Work).


With this achievement, our market brands, Ávato Tecnologia and Amigo Internet, reinforce the commitment to promote the satisfaction of its employees. With the objective of improving their techniques, further developing the experiences and the feeling of belonging in all the Group's professionals.

ESG = governanca

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