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Our business

Brasil TecPar is a Platform with the objective of   to consolidate the Internet, Technology and Telecom market in Brazil. It is the result of experiences and achievements acquired over 25 years of operation.

To be the largest and most profitable operation of connectivity and internet in Brazil resulting from the unification of ISPs.

Productive chain

The founders and main directors and directors of Brasil TecPar are pioneer entrepreneurs in the “internet provider” sector, who, along with the rest of the market, in these more than 20 years of existence, started their activities empirically, meeting market demands. technology and evolved as companies in the communication sector (telecommunications), but in this evolution, still as “garage companies”. Understanding the need for these operations to evolve to a new level of both quality and scale, we idealized the concept of the Internet Productive Chain, presented for the first time in a meeting with Regional Providers held in parallel to ABRINT 2019, in São Paulo._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The Internet Productive Chain concept makes it possible to improve operational efficiency, promote compliance, enable scalability and implement corporate governance, creating market verticals for the various activities and services provided by Internet providers, segmenting them in order to be able to study, analyze and review the existing processes in each of them individually. In the model, we present each of these segments or links in the production chain, as a distinct company or department, which can be owned or outsourced.

Diagram of the Production Chain Brazil TecPar

Cadeia Produtiva
Governança Corporativa

Corporate governance

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