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The Company's mission goes beyond bringing quality Internet to the population. The services provided also have the purpose of improving the lives of the communities in which it operates. It is an investment in the community and for the community.

Social responsability

Grupo Brasil TecPar and its market companies have a list of projects that aim to improve the lives of the communities where it operates.

The Young Talents in Technology Program qualifies and provides access to technical and behavioral content required in the job market. The best classified will be hired to start their professional careers in the field of technology.


TalentosPRO is a program aimed at professionals who are in the job market and who seek more qualification and better opportunities to advance in their careers as business consultants in Brasil TecPar companies.

TalentosPRO, Technicians in Telecom, aims to train and train professionals at a high level to work in Brasil TecPar companies, bringing connectivity to thousands of homes.

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