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Connectivity in the Field


Connectivity in the Field Project

The Conecttividade no Campo project was created with the aim of empowering Agribusiness through connectivity in remote areas, increasing investment in technology, increasing productivity and reducing the rural exodus.


Digital Radio

With transmission capacities of up to 1 Gbit/s, and service at distances of up to 50 km per link.

Optical fiber

With capacities that can reach several Gigabit/s transmission, and service at distances of up to 80 km per link.


Meets the demands of places where other technologies are not viable, providing basic* connectivity services.

Some of the municipalities that have already implemented Rural Projects

300 families

Boa Vista do Sul

300 families

Colonel Pilar

300 families


150 families

Poço das Antas

500 families


80 families


+ 5,400

In recent years we have already benefited more than 5,400 people, bringing connectivity to cities such as Garibaldi, Poço das Antas, Boa Vista do Sul and Coronel Pilar.


10 reasons to invest in rural connectivity

The need for fiscal integration for rural producers;

Promote digital inclusion and technology within the State;

Decrease socioeconomic, cultural and technological inequality by meeting the demand for internet in rural schools;

Provide fixed-line telephony services to rural areas;

Reduce rural exodus, keeping young people in the countryside, with opportunities similar to those available in the city;

The feeling of insecurity in the rural area;

The existence of demands for internet technologies and services in rural areas of municipalities in the State as an opportunity;

Bringing entertainment through the Internet and TV to rural families;

The agribusiness commodity is in the process of appreciation, needing differentials to remain competitive;

Respond quickly to the needs of the rural population.

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